Alpha – Exploring Christianity

If you are exploring Christianity a great way to do so might be via an Alpha Course. Details about what at Alpha Course is can be found here and please do also send us a message via the ‘Contact Us’ part of this website and we can let you know when the next course here in Harlow is and  maybe answer any burning questions over an informal coffee.

Relational Mission

We are part of the Relational Mission Sphere within the Newfrontiers worldwide family of churches. There’s BLOGs, events, updates from people and churches within Relational Mission not to mention the Christian values we hold. Why not take a look here:

Evangelical Alliance

We are part of the Evangelical Alliance here in the UK. Details about the Evangelical Alliance can be found on their website here:

Parenting & Marriage Courses

We also run both Parenting and Marriage Courses composed by Relationship Central which is a ministry within Holy Trinity Brompton Church. Details of what to expect on the course can be found here and please do contact us or look on the ‘What’s On’ page to see when the next course we are hosting in Harlow is.

Worship Jesus

Worship Jesus is a website full of great ideas to help with both corporate and individual worship. The site was compiled by Ollly Knight who is based in the Relational Mission church in Canterbury, City Church.


The Youth within GodCentral have the opportunity to attend Newday, which is a Christian Youth Festival held each summer currently in Norwich. The Newday website has lots  more information.

Online Bible and Study resources

If you are looking to read the Bible online or search deeper within a passage does both of those.

YouVersion Mobile App

If you are looking for an App to get the bible on your phone you may find youversion useful. There’s reading plans,  versions of the Bible and a whole host of other stuff that you can carry around on your Smartphone. Search for it on the AppStore or Google Play.