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Community groups

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Church is much more than buildings and Sunday meetings. It’s an everyday community where we belong, where we share the life and mission of Jesus together in such a way that it overflows to others.

 As a church, God has laid two things on our hearts:

  1. To build deep, meaningful friendships within the GodCentral family.

  2. To use those friendships to build new friendships with each others friends.

John Piper says: “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.”

Below is a list of our mid-week communities, please take a look and if you feel like coming along you can click on the link and sign up.

Mid-week Community Groups

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Champions After-School Club for years 3-6

Champions After-School Club is brought to you by GodCentral & The Red Balloon Foundation. It’s for school years 3-6 and it’s FREE to attend! We have lots of fun things to do including games, consoles, challenges and stories. Come and join in!

Tuesdays (term-time), 3.45 to 5pm
Churchgate Primary School, Old Harlow

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