September 2019 News


Rob Bird

Newday is a Christian festival held each year, this year it attracted 7500 teenagers between the ages of 12-18 years old. Newday 2019 was held at the Norfolk Showground on 29th July – 3rd August, and GodCentral took two members of the youth along with Rob and Eleanor Bird. While there the delegates attend a morning and evening service, and also have access to lots of activities, seminars, sporting events, prayer zones and community outreach programs along with various food stands.

The youth from GodCentral particularly excelled at sporting events coming first in the 800m and 100m races! They also enjoyed the Youth Alpha series. In the evening different speakers would talk about various subjects, two of which included TJ from Jubilee Enfield who spoke about God’s purpose for you.

Another exciting night was the healing night when we heard some very powerful examples of God’s power in helping those who are suffering with long term illnesses, proving anything is possible when a gathering pray in agreement for the same thing. Newday is an important event for the teenagers in the church who are attempting to figure out how to balance the complications of  modern day society along with traditional Christian values, it provides a safe place for them to be around their peers and likeminded people to discuss their faith in confidence. The youth are the present and the future of the church, and Newday provides a platform for them to really focus on their relationship with God.



1.     Favour of God on our town

2.    Presence of God with us and amongst us

3.    New look Sunday mornings

4.    The children as they return to school

5.    Under 11’s Groups and Servers

Ben Norris