June 2019 News

FOCUS ON… Baptism!

On Sunday 19th May we shared the experience of baptism with three members of our GCC family. We had our normal worship at Pemberley before Ben C reminded us of what baptism is, and then Daniel, Bill, and Chanelle shared a bit about themselves and how they had reached this decision to follow God.

We then decamped to Sawbridgeworth Evangelical Congregational Church as they have a baptistry there, and our brothers and sister took the plunge and declared their faith before family and friends!


“It’s been a great journey for me at God Central so far! I settled in well. I came to the decision to be baptised as I feel God laid it on my heart to be baptised.

When I got baptised and came out of the water I felt a massive weight lift off me, I now feel whole and I have a purpose, I’m looking forward to this new season God has put me in.”


“I made the decision to be baptised because I wanted to take that next step in my journey, I also felt like God was wanting me to get baptised as getting baptised was always on my mind. Since that day I have felt really good and am looking forward to seeing what God has instore for me in the future.”


“After I became a Christian, I knew I wanted to be baptised. But, every time I saw others taking the plunge, I told myself that I would eventually do it - but only when I’m ready. It took me some time, but I now know that I was always ready. Once I had declared Jesus Christ to be my Lord and Saviour, I was ready! After my baptism, I feel God’s presence and the Holy Spirit ever clearer in my life. I know God has big plans for me, and for all of us, and I’m excited to be a part of His Plan.”


1. Thanks to God for all His blessings both corporately and as individuals

2. More of the presence of God amongst us

3. Consistency and growth of numbers on Sundays plus mid-week

4. Full school hall for Duggie Dug with people joining GodCentral as a result

Ben Norris