July 2019 News

FOCUS ON…International Day 2019 at Jubilee Church, London

On Sunday 26th May a large group of GodCentral folks went down to Enfield to join in the International Day celebrations at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre. We took down a banner showing that we were representing GodCentral and made lots of noise!

There were hundreds of people from every tribe, language and nation worshipping God in this amazing space. The band and singers led us in worship and then Pastor Tope Koleoso gave an excellent sermon on why we give.

There was a long parade of people who go to Jubilee Church at the Enfield Cineworld or one of their smaller venues in Wood Green and Ilford. With flags and music they danced on to and off the stage, some countries represented by one person, like France or Israel, other countries represented by large groups such as Jamaica and Nigeria! A lot of people wore traditional costumes, which were beautiful and colourful. Some people read a prayer or gave a Bible reading in their native tongue. And some treated us to native dances (The Philippines, Nigeria) or played traditional instruments (steel drums for Jamaica).

We ended with the National Anthem, and a large group of people on stage including the Clarks. And lunch was provided as well! If you have not been to a service at Jubilee or one of their events, I would urge you to do so, their welcome and hospitality is wonderful and you will get a lot out of it.


1. God’s favour in finding and recruiting a Children’s Worker

2. God to provide more musicians to join worship group – a drummer in particular

3. Fruit in the form of numerical growth from leafleting and summer outreach

4. God’s presence & protection at Newday

5. God’s healing across the GodCentral family

Ben Norris